Welcome to the Family Relations Law website.

This website is committed to providing general information to help people understand the legal principles and interpersonal dynamics commonly affecting the outcomes in family relations matters.  The goal is to provide a guide through the many legal questions that arise in cases and a perspective focused on open discussion to avoid or resolve the disputes that commonly become contentious, without significant conflict or heartache.

The family law topics covered within relate to the following areas:

Understanding the family law basics in these areas decreases hostility and fosters increased cooperation between the parties.  Less time and money are spent sorting through legal issues and doing battle in and out of the courtroom, and children benefit from a healthier environment created by the increasingly cooperative relationship between their parents and a parenting plan that works.

The information on this site is not legal advice.  Please keep in mind that family relations litigation can be very complicated and, when it is, the help of an experienced attorney may be needed to guide you through the legal minefields, identify the most important issues, and develop a cost-conscious and effective plan for resolving your differences with the other party.