About Family Relations Law.

Too often, those experiencing problems in family relations matters have no place to turn for information to help them understand what is involved in trying to settle disputes without resorting to out and out war in a courtroom. In most situations, even hotly debated issues can be resolved if information about how to approach a solution is made available in common sense terms. That is the goal of Family Relations Law, to provide general information and a basic approach to problem solving that can be used to reduce hostility and in family disputes.

Although this website contains general information about a variety of family law topics, the material presented is not intended as legal advice. There are simply too many variables that could affect the actual outcome in individual cases. That said, it is hoped that the information provided will be helpful and insightful.

If there is information that you believe would be of general interest to others that you would like to see added to this site, you may contact us at hcm@familyrelationslaw.com.